Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Babies and Barbies, Oh My!

This weekend definitely felt like time to post my last several crochet projects. I realized I've been doing this about once a quarter since starting this blog late last year, though I didn't plan it that way. I also see I last updated this blog on a three-day weekend (Memorial Day, and it's now Labor Day weekend). That works out well, since it takes time to get pics of my projects, upload them, crop them and write the descriptions. This time, I'll be posting 3 baby items or ensembles that I'll put on consignment at Craft City (my friend Dianne's daughter-in-law's shop), followed by two more Barbies in gowns for my own collection.

The first pics below are one of my favorite baby ensembles I've made, consisting of a jacket, hat and panties. I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in pale rose.

This next baby jacket and dress are from an Annie's Attic booklet called "Baby's Sunday Best". It was pictured in off white with rose trim, which was nice, but I decided to make it more colorful, using Knit Picks "Shine" yarn in ocean with cherry trim.

I saw some #5 pearl cotton on eBay and decided I wanted to try using it for a baby dress. This dress is called "Sweet Pea" and was from a 2008 "Crochet World" magazine. It was fun to make and turned out cute, but I will try making it in the future with baby yarn. The #5 cotton had only 50 yards per ball, so this little dress took 12 balls! The color is "watermelon".

I mentioned planning on starting the Barbie below when I last posted in May. I worked on part of her skirt during my train trip to Portland in June, since it was a lot of repetitive but relaxing basic single crochet. I used #10 Cebelia in garnet and cream, with accents of #10 Opera in parasol pink. I think she is very elegant, prim and proper!

Hey, it's "Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown" (and if you remember that song, you must be older than me or into music trivia!). I just finished this girl a few days ago and she is one of my favorite Barbies I've made. I think she is just SO pretty. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but there are close to 800 of the light blue cat's eye beads in the bottom part of her skirt, over 200 in her jacket, and more in her hat and parasol. I used #10 Opera thread in atlantis. It was hard to find the right color beads (at a price I could afford) but finally found them at

The project I'm presently working on is an afghan called Floral Bouquet, which consists of squares with alternating colors of flowers with popcorn stitch petals, in neutral squares with more popcorn stitches. More on that next time!