Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blankie, Barbie, and More Babies

I'm a bit later than usual in my goal to update this crochet blog with my newest creations once per quarter. But, January 2012 has been a weird month. I plan to write more about that shortly on my narrative blog, "The Evergreen Refuge Blog". But for now, back to the crochet projects!

The afghan below, "Floral Bouquet", is one of my favorite afghans I've made. But the problem is, I like it SO much that I've had it put away in a plastic bag, afraid that with our three large dogs, it would get dirty or, worse yet, scratched by their nails. I'll have to figure out what to do about this, since I do want to display it. I used Caron "Simply Soft" (so it is cuddly in addition to being pretty) in bone with accents of grape, burgundy, rose and what they are calling sage, though it's more of an apple green to me. The closeup pic gives a bit more detail of the colors and stitches.

I've gotten a skein of lilac Omega Sinfonia yarn in an eBay assortment a couple years ago and had been trying to decide what to make with it. I decided to order one more lilac and some dark magenta, and make a little girl's sweater (for a future craft fair or possible gift) I'd been wanting to try for some time. It was fun to make and afterwards, I had a lot of the yarn left, especially the dark magenta. So I then decided to make the same sweater in the next size up with the colors reversed. When it looked like I may run low on the magenta, I alternated the two colors on the sleeves, and the quantity turned out just right! Here are the two results:

My next project was another Barbie. I decided to make another of the same beaded dress pattern, "Dotted Delight", which was one of the first Barbie gowns I made a few years ago. I'd ordered some beautiful orange variegated beads from eBay and decided they would look beautiful combined with #10 Opera medium peach thread, and I was right! See page 4 of my 2000-08 crochet projects here for the first "Dotted Delight" I made -- and the new one below.

Next, I decided to make another of the pretty baby dresses I'd made previously in lavender and in red from a pattern in an 80's magazine. I just love the way these turn out and I understand the first two were a hit at my best friend's daughter-in-law craft/consignment store. I'd ordered some pink #10 "Department 71" thread from Herrschner's so I decided that would be a great color for this little dress. (The thread was nice to work with, but I think I still prefer Opera or Cebelia.)

Next, I had a small amount of the Opera #10 peach thread left. So I decided to make another of the six pineapple doily below which is one of my favorite doilies to make. They are so pretty and it's such a great way to use small amounts of thread, since you have the option of making each pineapple a different color or using 2 or 3 different pineapple colors, or all the same color. Also, I designed the star motif in the middle, since the original pattern just had a big hole in the middle and I didn't like the way that looked. (The yellow and sage thread are #10 Cebelia.)

Finally, here's the last project I finished. My coworker is having a baby boy and will be getting this at her shower at work tomorrow. I don't have many patterns for baby boys, but found this one and LOVE the way it turned out. I used "Satin Sport" yarn by Bernat -- the variegated is "Seashore" and the blue and tan trims are "Clear Sky" and "Taupe". Though this was time-consuming to make, I'm tempted to pick up some more of the "Seashore" and make another of these little sets to sell on consignment.

I've started another Barbie -- "Miss January" from the Annie's Attic "Turn of the Century Bridal Trousseau" collection, but I changed the colors. Her dress and parasol are bright red with black braid trim and her blouse is light peach. I also have definite plans for the next two Barbies after that. Hope to have pics of all three posted here on my next update!