Saturday, December 25, 2010


Back in the late 90's when the Internet was new, and I first created my extensive web site The Evergreen Refuge, no one had ever heard of blogs. So as my site grew, I gradually added photos and descriptions as time permitted to the "Comfort N'Joy" crochet section of my site, which as of '08 had grown to 5 pages. As of a year ago, I already had enough pictures to start a 6th page.

But several years ago, I began noticing that blogs were now the method used by modern crafters to display their creations online. I did see the advantage to this, since I could add my items in the approximate order I had created them. Besides, though I hoped visitors to my site would look at all 5 of my crochet pages (especially with the newer projects being on the later pages), I didn't know that for sure. So with that in mind, I am glad to launch my new crochet blog on this Christmas Day 2010!

So without further adieu, let's start with one of my most ambitious projects, the Barbie wedding party I created during the second half of '09.

I made the gowns for the bridesmaids and the flower girl first. I used Opera #10 thread (my favorite crochet thread, which has sadly been discontinued) in Parasol Pink and Tapestry Rose.

Next came the groom. This was the first outfit I ever crocheted for a Ken doll (or any boy doll, for that matter). I used Opera #10 in black, white, and Atlantis (blue).

And here is the beautiful bride! I remember the day I put the final finishing touches on her, but not for a good reason. It was Nov. 21, 2009. That night at 9:45 p.m., my beloved dog Heidi passed away....

The pattern I used was the 1874 bridal gown from Paradise Publications. I used Opera #10 in cream for her gown. I had curled her hair tightly and allowed it to dry thoroughly, but it didn't stay very curly. But I think she is pretty spectacular nevertheless!

Finally, here are the bride and groom together, and the entire wedding party.

OK - next! On page 5 of my site's crochet section is a pic and info on an outfit I crocheted in '08 for my Ashton-Drake baby boy doll, "Nicholas, The Winter Baby". I'd wanted to get a girl doll companion for him for some time and crochet her an outfit, so early this year I did just that. I used a different design from the same Australian layette book I used for Nicholas' outfit. His is made of Bernat Softee Baby in Blue Denim Ombre, and Nancy's is Red Heart Soft in Angel Print. They are both sitting on blankies in brick stitch (I used Cottontots, another of my favorite baby yarns). I'll post both their pics here so you can see what they look like together.

I think this is long enough for my first post, and I need to finish getting Christmas dinner ready! So I shall publish Part 2 of my 2010-11 crochet projects later today.

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